Cpanel Free Alternative

Cpanel Free Alternative

WebCP is a Cpanel free alternative. WebCP web hosting control panel is a powerful, full featured web hosting control panel built on Ubuntu and running nginx web server with PHP7 for fast, secure websites.

As a Cpanel free alternative WebCP is a perfect solution for web designers who want to host their clients websites themselves but do not know how to manage a web server.

Installation of WebCP is super easy. If you’re able to SSH into a server you can install WebCP.

Benefits of WebCP – Web Hosting Control Panel

  1. WebCP is an intuitive, easy to use web hosting control panel
  2. Free. WebCP is a Cpanel free alternative. Our free plan is fully functional
  3. Secure. We’ve built it to be secure with a server firewall as well as a WAF
  4. Comprehensive. Need email, need to see server stats? Need FTP or databases? Its all here.
  5. Works on VPS or dedicated servers


If you’re looking for a full featured, powerful cpanel free alternative then try WebCP web hosting control panel today, you won’t be disappointed!




Owen 4 years ago

Now that cpanel has screwed us with their price increase WebCP looks like a great web hosting control panel to switch to. Does it support the following features? 1. File Manager 2. DNS Cluster 3. Reseller Accounts 4. PHP Version Selector

Rebecca De 4 years ago

Hello Owen. Thanks for the questions. 1. WebCP web hosting control has a decent file manager which includes a wordpress installer. 2. WebCP handles DNS clustering out the box 3. WebCP has always had reseller accounts 4. WebCP recently introduced a PHP selector for PHP5.6 and PHP7.x If you need more info you can always ask on our forums or mail support[at|webcp.io Best, Rebecca

Boris 4 years ago

Hi, Is WebCP web hosting control panel really a cpanel free alternative? I mean I can use webcp for free with full functionality. I'm look for cpanel free alternative for long time. Can this be it?

jsmcm 4 years ago

Hi Boris, Thanks for your question. Yes, WebCP web hosting control panel is a fully featured cpanel free alternative. It does have a limit on the number of domains you can add in the free version, but the functionality is full and nothing is disabled. On WebCP free plan you can host up to three domains. This is perfect if you own a few sites on a VPS. On the WebCP paid plan you can host unlimited domains. Its great for web hosting businesses or web designers wanting to host their own client sites. I hope this helps.


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