Cpanel has a new pricing structure

Cpanel has a new pricing structure

Cpanel announced a new, complicated pricing structure which makes life very difficult if you’re a hosting provider offering unlimited reseller accounts.

The new Cpanel pricing structure essentially sets new minimum monthly cost PLUS additional fees for each account you host. Thus, if you have a reseller who sells a lot of hosting, you’re going to pay Cpanel for each of those.

We don’t think this pricing model is fair. The issue is this. If I were washing cars as my business and you came to me and I charged you per car wash that would be fair.. Each car takes time, resources, etc. But for a software license? Its not like they’re allocating more resources if you host 1 or 100 accounts?

Our Web Hosting Control Panel Pricing?

Our pricing is R99 (ZAR) per month. That is about $7. If you host 3 or fewer sites its completely free!

Need help migrating?

We want to help you migrate. We’re offering free migration services to the first 10 clients. We’ll help you (note the word help, we can’t do it all alone) migrate to WebCP web hosting control panel.



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