We have a fully functional WebCP server so that you can kick the tyres!

Login URL: http://demoserver.co.za/webcp

Admin Login: admin@demoserver.co.za
Admin Password: letmein

Client Login: Once logged in as an admin you can create a client login of your own

We have a few domains you can test with:

  • infobahn.co.za
  • phpwebhost.co.za
  • software-design-services.co.za
  • softwaredesignservices.co.za
  • siterack.co.za

Use these domains to set up new accounts, load websites, wordpress, etc. These domains are fully functional (besides the mail restriction below) so you can test as if this were a real client site. You could even test with your own domains if you wanted. Just point your name servers at the IP that demoserver.co.za resolves to and you're done!


The restrictions are that the server does not send mail, and all content is cleared regularly.