Domain Management

Domain Management

Adding domains (new web hosting accounts) to WebCP, Web Hosting Control Panel is very easy!

In the left hand navigation, click on the “Domains -> Domains” menu. This is also the default page you’ll see when you log in.



This is the domains listing page which shows you all of your domains (web hosting accounts), as well as a display of used and available resource. This includes your web hosting disk space, traffic and if you’re logging in as a web hosting reseller, the number of web hosting accounts you’re allowed to create.

At the bottom of the listing is a blue button labelled “+ Add new Domain”. Click on that button to add a new domain, or web hosting account.

This takes you to a very simple form:



In the “Add Domains” page you enter the domain name you’re adding (in the screen shot above we added the domain example.com). You select the Web Hosting Package (which must previously have been set up, and you select the user that this web hosting account belongs to.

Then click on the blue “Add Domain” button and the account will be created.


When the account is created you will be taken back to the domains listing page. You should now see your domain in the list, as well as a green box with a success message. If there was any problem adding the domain to the web hosting control panel it will give a warning and the box will be red to alert you of any problems.



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