Email Accounts

Creating and managing email accounts is easy with WebCP – Web Hosting Control Panel. After having created the email account in the WebCP control panel you can use webmail (eg, www.example.com/webmail), or you can set your email up in outlook (or similar email client)

Create an email account

Log into WebCP and then expand the Emails section of the side navigation menu and click on Email Accounts.

Web Hosting Control Panel | Email Accounts Management Menu

This will list your existing email accounts (if any exists).

Web Hosting Control Panel | Add new Email Address

Click on the Add new Email button at the bottom of the page. In the next screen, fill in the local part, that is, the part before the @ symbol, eg, john. Then from the drop down menu select the domain for which you are adding the email address (many people have more than one domains which is why you need to specify). After selecting the domain, the page will refresh. Once its refreshed you will get either a green message letting you know how many email accounts you have available, or a red messages letting you know you don’t have any more email accounts available.

Web Hosting Control Panel | Add new Email Address

Next, enter a STRONG password and enter the same password as the confirmation.

Click on the Add Email Address button. Your email account will now be added and will appear in the list on the Email Accounts page once the page reloads. Click here to see how to add your new email address to outlook 2010. You can see the settings you’ll need in outlook or similar by clicking on the Settings button.

Web Hosting Control Panel | Email Address Settings

You can also use webmail by going to yourdomain, /webmail, so in this example it would be www.demoserver.co.za/webmail

Web Hosting Control Panel | Web Mail

Editing and Deleting an Email Address

To Delete an email address, click on the red delete button next to the email address in the list. This will pop up a box asking if you’re sure that you want to delete the email address. If you’re sure click on the confirmation and the email address will be deleted. Note that deleting an email address deletes ALL emails for that address.

To edit an existing email address, click on the green edit icon next to the email address. You can only edit passwords in this screen.

Web Hosting Control Panel | Edit Email Address Password

This will open the edit user window where you can change the email address password.



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