Email Management

Email management made easy. In WebCP you can manage all aspects of your emails from adding, editing, deleting email accounts to setting spamassassin levels on a per mailbox level. You can also set thresholds for outgoing emails (rate limiting) as well as blocking or warning if outgoing spam is detected. WebCP also boasts an easy to understand email trace.


Security and backups are a big part of WebCP. From spam blocking to the web application firewall which blocks many attempts at hacking into websites. WebCP also has a backup management program so you can schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups, and send those to remote FTP if desired. You can also take ad hoc backups, perfect for when you want to make changes but would like a backup first.

Webmail, Editor, MySQL

Features you'd expect, like webmail for every domain, phpMyAdmin for online MySQL management and a full browser based editor. The browser based editor is powerful enough that web developers often develop web apps right on the server (eg. www.viewport.co.za are specialist Wordpress developers who do much of the coding in WebCP's file editor).

User friendly

WebCP is one of the most user friendly and intuitive web hosting control panels available. It boasts a simple user interface with powerful functionality. Your web hosting clients will find it easy to manage their own accounts too.

White Label

The logo, text, title tags and links can be edited so that your clients see your own branding rather than WebCP's branding. This gives you a far more professional look and ensures clients remain engaged with your brand.


WHMCS module to manage services directly and / or automatically from your WHMCS billing manager. In addition to this we're hard at work developing our own billing manager as a free add on to WebCP.

PHP Selector

Simple PHP Version Selection between PHP5.6, PHP7.2 and PHP8.2 at the click of a button

DNS Clustering

DNS clustering with master / slaves and automatic or manual zone creation.