FTP Management

File Transfer Protocol, or FTP is a method of transferring files between the server and your own PC. From within WebCP Web Hosting Control Panel you, or your users (depending on package limits) can add FTP accounts to enable them to move their content to and from the server.

FTP Listing

To get to the FTP management screen, click on the FTP menu item in the left hand navigation menus.

FTP Navigation Menu

The initial screen shows a listing of active FTP accounts. As the administrator you will see all FTP accounts on the system. User’s who log in will only be able to see their own FTP accounts.

To add a new FTP account, click on the “Add new FTP” button.

Add new FTP Account

You will not see an “Add FTP” button when you initially enter the Add FTP screen. This is because a user might have multiple domain accounts under his profile and each account may have different package limits and current usage.

Select the account you are adding the FTP account to. Once selected the screen will reload with information about how many FTP accounts you have available and how many have been used.

Add new FTP Account

If there are no more FTP Accounts available the message in red will let your user know that they have reached the limit. As an administrative user you will be able to add new FTP accounts even beyond the limit, but end users cannot.

Add new FTP Account Beyond Package Limits

To Edit an FTP account’s password, click on the green icon next to the FTP account in the list and enter the new password in the next screen.

Edit FTP Password



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