Introduction to WebCP

WebCP, short for “Web Hosting Control Panel”, is a web based web hosting control panel. Its designed to be easy to use, intuitive and quick to learn.

What is it?

WebCP is a web hosting control panel. Its used to manage all aspects of a web hosting server including setting up new web hosting accounts, adding email addresses, mysql databases and even installing apps like WordPress!

WebCP has a built in WHMCS module so that you can easily automate provisioning, suspension and cancellation of web hosting through your WHMCS account.

With WebCP you can manage the firewall, including removing blocked IP addresses from the temporary or permanent list of blocked IPs or adding IPs to manually block them.

Who is it for?

WebCP’s web hosting control panel licenses are used by web hosting providers, small business owners with multiple websites and graphic / web designers wanting to host their own client websites.

As a web hosting provider, you will use the WebCP web hosting control panel to add clients and then to add their web hosting accounts. You will have administrative access on the server, including being able to add, suspend or terminate accounts.
Your clients will have client privileges and can only manage their own accounts, including adding databases if permitted and adding new email accounts, email forwarders and email auto replies and spam control.

How do I get it?

To get WebCP, web hosting control panel you need to register an account. Registration is free and does NOT require you to link a credit card or any payment method.

Once registered you will use the installer script on a newly installed Ubuntu 16.04 server. This will install WebCP. We have a nifty invoicing policy. You’re only billed at the end of the next month. So, if you install your license on the 1st of August for instance, your first bill will only be due on the 28th of September. That effectively gives you a free two month trial. And as mentioned, you don’t need to add any billing information to get this trial, so its completely safe for you! Once you’ve decided you’re happy with WebCP, simply log into your account, click on the “Invoices” tab and do a credit card, paypal or EFT payment to continue using your license.

REMEMBER: WebCP uses the freemium model so you’ll get a fully featured license for free if you host less than 5 websites.



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