Package Management

Using the WebCP web hosting control panel you set up packages which you sell to your clients. As an example, you may want an entry level package which gives your clients 500Mb disk space, 1Gb traffic, 5 email addresses and no databases. A second package might have 1Gb disk space, 2Gb traffic, 10 email addresses and 1 database.

You can create as many packages as you would like.

Package Listing

To add, edit or delete packages, click on the “Packages” link in the left hand navigation menu.

Web Hosting Control Panel | Package Manager

This will take you to the packages listing page. Initially, there will be no packages available on a new system.

Web Hosting Control Panel | Package Manager

Click on the “Add new Package” button at the bottom of the package listing page to add a new package.

Web Hosting Control Panel | Add Package

Enter the package’s name and the values for the package, then click on the “Add Package” button.

Web Hosting Control Panel | Package Added

If the package has been added successfully you will see the package in the listing and a green message bar telling you that the package has been added.

Web Hosting Control Panel | Add Domain Package Available

Now that you have added the package you are able to create domains using that package

Change a domain’s package

To change a domain’s package, simply click on the package name in the domain name listing:

Web Hosting Control Panel | Change Package Selection

Then, select the new package from Change Package page!

Web Hosting Control Panel | Change Package



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