PHP Selector in WebCP

PHP Selector in WebCP

PHP8.x is the latest version of PHP and it adds a massive amount of speed and security improvements. If possible you should be using PHP8.2 (the latest version by default in WebCP) but in some cases your apps might not work with PHP8.2. If that’s the case you certainly should consider upgrading your app but in the meanwhile you may want to revert to PHP7.x.

In WebCP 4.1.0 we’ve added a PHP version selector so you can select between PHP8.2, PHP7.2 and PHP5.6 for your apps.

PHP Version Selector in WebCP

To get to the PHP selector, click on the “Domains->Domains” menu in the left navigation. In the domain listing click on the “Domain Settings” button for the domain you want to change.

domain settings

In the domain settings page select PHP5.6 or PHP7.x, PHP8.x from the PHP Version dropdown and save the settings.

php selector

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Rebecca De


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