WebCP Post Setup

WebCP Post Setup

Initial Username / Password

After installation you’ll need to log into your new WebCP control panel to set up your administrator account.

You set the email and password when you start the install script.

Access URL / Ports

WebCP’s control panel is available on port 8880 (HTTP) or if you have an SSL installed its available on port 8443.

You can access WebCP control panel via IP address or host name.

In addition, accessing /webcp will redirect requests to port 8880 or 8443, depending on if you have SSL or not.


Your server’s IP is and your host name is serv01.example.com. You have an SSL certificate on serv01.example.com. If you visit serv01.example.com/webcp in a browser it will redirect to https://serv01.example.com:8443.

You can also access the control panel at (non ssl).



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