User Management

User management is where you add new users, or clients, to your WebCP Web Hosting Control Panel. These users will have the ability to log in and manage their own accounts, including setting up email addresses, email spam filters and forwarders, FTP accounts, databases, etc, within the limits you specify in the Packages setup.

Unlike many other web hosting control panels, you do not need to create a new user for each hosting account. If one of your clients has multiple web sites, you simply add the new domains to that client’s user account and they will be able to manage all their sites from a single login.

Default user

On a newly installed WebCP Web Hosting Control Panel, the default user, or initial user is set to:

Email address: admin@admin.admin
Password: adminadmin

Web Hosting Control Panel | Default initial user account

As soon as you log in with the initial WebCP user account, it will prompt you to change the details to something unique and meaningful.

Web Hosting Control Panel | Change initial user account

You will need to enter the correct login details you will be using to access the WebCP Web Hosting Control Panel as the administrative user.

Adding, Editing and Deleting a User

To add, edit or delete a user account is extremely simple. Click on the “Users” link in the left hand navigation area.

Web Hosting Control Panel | User Menu

This will show you a listing of the current user’s on the system.

Web Hosting Control Panel | User Management

To add a new user, click on the “Add New User” button below the current user listing. This will allow you to add a new user to the system. Once you’ve added a new user to the system, the WebCP control panel will automatically generate an email to that user containing their login details.

Web Hosting Control Panel | Add a User

Note that when you add a new user you do not (and cannot) fill in the username input. This will be automatically created as soon as you click on the “Add User” button.

Managing existing users is just as easy:

Web Hosting Control Panel | User Management

To Delete a user, click on the red delete button next to the user’s name. This will pop up a box asking if you’re sure that you want to delete the user’s account. If you’re sure click on the confirmation and the user’s account will be deleted. Note that deleting a user’s login does NOT delete their hosting accounts. You will need to manually delete those.

To edit an existing user, click on the green edit icon next to the user’s name.

Web Hosting Control Panel | Edit a User

This will open the edit user window where you can change the user’s details. NOTE: If you do not want to change the user’s password, just leave the password fields blank and it will keep the existing password.



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