Version 1.5.6

WebCP (Web hosting Control Panel) version 1.5.6 represents a big push in WebCP development cleaning up and tying up loose ends and taking care of minor but persistent bugs and missing features.

What’s new in this version

There are two new features in this version

  • Creating packages with zero resources: Before this version, using 0 (zero) for any package settings, like email accounts or FTP account,etc mean unlimited. So if you were setting up a web hosting account with 0 emails, it would mean unlimited email accounts for web hosting clients on that package.Now 0 means 0 and unlimited means unlimited.
  • Backups settings: Web Hosting Control Panel administrators now have great control over their backups. You can control which backups should run (daily, weekly or monthly) and what each one of those should backup (web files only, mail files only or both).You can also specify an external FTP server to push your backups to, as well as the number of backups to keep there. For instance, if I have a site, example.com and I specify that the daily backups should be sent to FTP and 3 copies should be kept it would have three copies there after 3 days, labelled “example.tar.gz”, “example.tar.gz.1″, example.tar.gz.2”.

What’s fixed in this version?

There are several fixes (which can be viewed on the bug tracker).

  • Changed the mailer screen: Before WebCP became a product in its own right it was developed for our own in house use at InfoBahn.co.za Web Hosting. In those days it had a pretty unimpressive interface.Mail Web Hosting Clients
  • Since then WebCP had a facelift, but this particular screen was left behind. Its finally been changed over to the new theme.Mail Web Hosting Clients
  • Backups does not save stored procedures: The backup facility was not backing up any stored procedure a client may have created in MySQL on their web hosting accounts. This version fixes that and backups now include stored procedures.
  • WordPress base is not being updated: Our automatic WordPress installer was not updating the wordpress install version. This meant that it was installing a much older version which would then need to be manually upgraded once installed and logged in.This version now fixes that bug and your web hosting server will now always have the latest copy of WordPress installer.



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