Web Hosting Control

No more complicated control panels. WebCP has an easy to use, intuitve interface so you, and your clients can manage your websites quickly and easily.

Reseller Accounts

Create reseller accounts with a fixed number of sub accounts, or unlimited accounts and don't pay extra per reseller hosting account.

White Label
White Label

With WebCP you can change the site logo and links to your own so your clients see only your own branding.

Jailed SSH
Jailed SSH Users

Give your users SSH access via their public key and feel safe in the knowledge that user SSH sessions are jailed.

WebCP Easy

WebCP Control Panel

Easy, intuitive Web Hosting Control Panel

WebCP offers a simple to use, intuitive yet powerful web hosting control panel. Create hosting accounts in a few easy steps. Add resellers with unlimited account creation. SSL is automatically provisioned too. WebCP web hosting control panel uses Nginx with gzip and brotli compression enabled for best of breed compression.

Add in nginx modules and your WordPress can create WebP format images from your PNG/JPGs on the fly. Backups can be set for daily, weekly and/or monthly. You can also set a remote FTP server with a number of backups to send to that FTP server for secure off-site backups.

For power uses you can give them SSH access using their public key and those SSH sessions are fully jailed. Users have no access to other user accounts or system folders when using their chrooted SSH accounts. Easily upload their public keys via a simple web uploader and store multiple keys per account for multiple users. A built in WAF keeps your sites safe from hackers.

Add / remove firewall entries. WebCP also bans IPs attempting brute force logins against WordPress when using the WordPress Fail2ban plugin.


What our customers say

WebCP Testimonials

“ We use WebCP for all our Wordpress Hosting. With Nginx/PHP7.x, Brotli and custom modules we're golden “

Sarah J

WebCP Testimonials

“ We love WebCP. Our focus is IoT and WebCP fits well. Highly recommended Web Hosting Control Panel. “

Chris L

“ WebCP ticks all the boxes for us and allows us to run our sites without fearing the dreaded server crashes. “

Nick A


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We integrate with standards on the web


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